Election officials will now determine whether a rent control initiative has qualified to appear before Inglewood voters this November.

On Tuesday, May 9, price control advocates filed more than 14,000 signatures with the city clerk. The coalition needs approximately 10,000 valid voter signatures to place the initiative on the ballot. The Inglewood City Clerk will have thirty days to verify and authenticate the signatures.

The California Apartment Association is closely monitoring this process …

The measure, accessible here, would amend the city charter and impose rent control and eviction restrictions on multifamily units throughout the city. The measure also makes no mention of vacancy decontrol (the ability to set market rents on a vacancy); nor does it exempt new construction from rent caps. If the measure passes and Costa-Hawkins is repealed in November, Inglewood would be left with an extreme form of rent control that would bring housing construction to a halt.

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