The California Apartment Association has issued a background paper and will hold a seminar to help rental housing owners in San Diego comply with a Section 8-related ordinance taking effect in the city effect Aug. 1.

The “source of income” ordinance will require landlords to consider for tenancy all applicants with the ability to pay for a given unit, including those who would pay their rent using Section 8. The law bans blanket policies against renting to voucher holders, as well as advertisements to that effect. Moreover, under the ordinance, landlords can no longer reject an applicant based on the use of a voucher.

The City Council approved the ordinance in September 2018 despite requests from the California Apartment Association that acceptance of Section 8 remain voluntary.

CAA has since worked with the city to ensure a smooth rollout of the law and to mitigate challenges with the Section 8 program that owners may face. These efforts included negotiating with the city to create a Landlord Advisory Committee, as well as a contingency fund that will help landlords whose units go vacant for extended periods during Housing Commission and Section 8 review.

To ensure compliance with the ordinance, CAA has issued this Industry Insight paper, which is available exclusively to CAA members, and will hold a breakfast workshop June 28.

Four speakers will provide an overview of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, and specifically San Diego’s source of income ordinance, including:

  • How the program is structured 
  • Special screening requirements for Section 8 applicants 
  • Responsibilities of landlords, tenants and the San Diego Housing Commission 
  • Procedure for increasing the rent 
  • Rules for terminating the tenancy 
  • Landlord perspective and best practices from industry professionals  

At a glance

Speakers at CAA San Diego’s Section 8 seminar include the following:

Amalea Romero, staff attorney, Fair Housing Center of the Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.

Azucena Valladolid, senior vice president of rental assistance and workforce development, San Diego Housing Commission

Michelle Sites, vice president, Southern California Region, ConAm Management Corp.

Wendy St. John, senior partner, Kimball, Tirey & St. John law firm.