The California Apartment Association is preparing for another battle at the ballot box in defense of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, the state’s most important landlord-protection law.

Anti-housing crusader Michael Weinstein’s latest initiative to undermine Costa-Hawkins — and bring radical forms of rent control back to California — is targeted for November statewide ballot. The Secretary of State’s office is expected to qualify the measure over the next few weeks, after verification that petitioners met the signature-gathering requirements,

Weinstein’s so-called Rental Affordability Act would weaken Costa-Hawkins, allowing cities and counties to impose rent controls at any level they choose – even below the rate of inflation — on buildings after they turn 15 years old. His measure would also once again allow vacancy controls, meaning rents would remain regulated in rent-controlled jurisdictions even after changes in tenancy.

It marks Weinstein’s second attempt at bringing extreme rent control to California. In 2018, Weinstein bankrolled the ill-fated Proposition 10, which sought to repeal Costa-Hawkins outright. His new initiative borrows so heavily from Prop 10 that it’s earned the nickname Prop 10 2.0.

In the coming weeks, CAA will ramp up its efforts this measure. Stay tuned for a new website on the importance of Costa-Hawkins and for ways you can help preserve this landmark legislation.